My name is Heidi Laine. I am a doctoral candidate at the University of Helsinki, Finland. This blog is a place for me to process my thoughts on research integrity, open science, science policy and other related topics. I also use it as a platform for opening my research.

Where does the name of the blog come from? >>

My doctoral research evolves around two key concepts: responsible conduct of research (from now on referred to as RCR) and open science. The former is my research subject and the latter a methodological approach. I study how RCR is determined and enforced through self regulation. In order to answer my research question I look into the past, present and future of the Finnish RCR regulation process, one of the longest standing in the world (in place since 1994). I approach the Finnish RCR definition from three different angles:

  • Past: The Finnish Advisory Board on Research Ethics and the process of negotiating and writing the different versions of the Finnish RCR guideline (1994, 1998, 2002, 2012).
  • Present: How efficiently has the RCR process supported the prevention, identification and treatment of scientific misconduct?
  • Future: How well does the current RCR definition support the ongoing paradigm change, caused by digitalization?

All of these angles have also a strong element of international comparison and context building.

I try to do my research in a way that is as open and transparent as possible. This demands a lot of reflecting on questions of ethics. Because of my commitment to openness, this work is pioneering in the field of qualitative human sciences and will offer valuable experiences on the possibilities and limitations of opening qualitative research processes dealing with human subjects.

Before concentrating on my PhD I worked for the Open Science and Research Initiative, funded by the Finnish Ministry of Education and executed by the IT Center for Science CSC. I still do co-operation with them from time to time. In addition to my work as a researcher I try to enhance open science, open society and open knowledge also through voluntary work. I am the core person of the Open Knowledge Finland Open Science Working Group and the secretary of the Finnish National Committee on Data Issues. I am available for professional guidance and mentoring to women, especially with immigrant backgrounds, looking for a career in higher education, research and/or research administration in Finland.

My research has been supported by the Tiina and Antti Herlin Foundation (research grant) and the Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity (work space).

More about me and my research (research plan and CV) >> (both little outdated, will try to refresh them soon)

Please feel free to contact me using the contact form below.  

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